Sacrum Profanum Festival

Sacrum Profanum Festival

The Sacrum Profanum Festival is considered to be one of the most interesting musical events in Europe.

This year brings the 17th edition of the event featuring contemporary artists performing music from the last century, combining various styles and genres of classical music, jazz and modern sounds. Every year, the festival has a different name. The 2018 edition of Sacrum Profanum was entitled NDPNDNC | FRDM | EMNCPTN | PHNTSM to commemorate the 100th anniversary of regaining independence by Poland. The programme of the Festival features works by artists from all over the world, including – of course – Poland, as well as the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Japan, USA and Australia.

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This year’s edition of the Sacrum Profanum festival entitled “Neighbourhood” will showcase the music of our eastern neighbours – from Lithuania. The programme features concerts by Lithuanian composers, music by unknown Polish avant-garde musicians, some hints of electronic music and everything that is unusual, innovative and unobvious in music.
The 17th edition of the Sacrum Profanum festival will run from the 27th of September to the 4th of October in the Małopolska Garden of Arts and CRICOTEKA – Centre for Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor. 

The festival is organised by the Krakow Festival Office.

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